The Ravens of Unresting Thought | by Timothy Lantz
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There, through the broken branches go…

Inspired by the Native American mythology of the Pacific-Northwest, this story offers a fresh perspective on the tale, Raven Steals the Sun, the Moon and the Stars and imagines how the events in that story have impacted humanity since the time of the First People.

Combining prose and poetry with elements of a graphic novel, The Ravens of Unresting Thought features an array of artistic styles including traditional hand-drawn and painted illustrations alongside photography and digital mixed media work.

Intended for mature audiences, The Ravens of Unresting Thought is a myth for the modern age providing a possible origin for one of humanity’s most tragic ills.

The Chapters

Raven Moon

A Tale of the Springtide

Thunder Moon

A Tale of Midsummer


A Circle Inscribed

Hunter’s Moon

A Tale of Autumn

Cold Moon

A Tale of the Wintertide

New Moon

A Tale of the Evermore

The Sun

The Moon

The Stars

The Book

  • 100 Pages
  • Fully Illustrated
  • Hardbound
  • 7.875″ x 10.875″

The Artist

Timothy Lantz is a full-time illustrator and graphic artist with degrees in art education and communications.

Lantz’s work, often described as “beautiful melancholy,” has been inspired by a lifetime of reading. His themes of mystery, romanticism, tragedy and aspiration convey this, as though his life’s quest is to create illustrations for relevant yet aching stories that have not yet been written.