The Ravens of Unresting Thought | For a lifetime she had dark thoughts on her mind
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For a lifetime she had dark thoughts on her mind

This past weekend was my second FaerieCon and I had a great time.

When I attended last year, it was such a new environment for me that I probably didn’t really appreciate what a unique and welcoming community supports this con.

This year, I made an attempt to go in with a more positive attitude and even bought myself a costume to wear to the masquerades each night. This kind of “all-in” approach made the whole experience so much better. I reunited with many of the folks from the previous year and made a lot of new friends as well. Many drinks and stories were shared, and it was a blast seeing all of the amazing costumes that people had prepared and wore during the weekend.

I had a great number of wonderful conversations at my vendor table and everyone who saw the early preview of The Ravens of Unresting Thought, expressed excitement and seemed genuinely interested to get their hands on a copy. I think the theme and mythology really seemed to resonate and I’m looking forward to the day when people will be able to really read and absorb what has been a long developing project.

As for where the project currently stands, here is what needs to be completed:

2 – full page illustrations
2- revise or replace illustrations
a few graphical elements to appear on some of the more text heavy pages
completed afterward text

That’s it!

So my new deadline target is the end of the year. Realistically, I think I’ll be done sooner, but always good to give myself some extra room for the unknown.