The Ravens of Unresting Thought | When death comes knocking
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When death comes knocking

At the beginning of February, everything seemed on track. The book was in the hands of the editor and I was starting to look toward printing and wrapping up this project.

Of course, that’s when everything took a detour.

I had finally decided to have some corrective surgery on my sinuses after putting it off for far too long. When the day came, it was supposed to be a simple three hour operation with less than a week’s recovery. Easy, right?

As I was coming out of the anesthesia, I felt an uncomfortable pain in my chest and along the upper portion of my left arm. I reported this to the nurse watching over me in the recovery room and suddenly I was surrounded by an army of doctors.

Apparently, I was having a heart attack.

Emergency treatment began and for the next several days I was poked, prodded and studied. All of which, saved my life.

The results showed that two of my major arteries were 100% blocked and the other’s were 90% blocked (all due to a hereditary condition) and I would need quadruple bypass surgery. A post midnight ambulance ride later and I was in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital awaiting the procedure.

As I am here typing this, I am happy to report that the operation was a success.

I spent the rest of February in the hospital and was finally allowed to return home the first week of March.

Since then, I have been in recovery. The good news is, I am on track to make a full recovery and it’s expected that within six months I will be back to doing everything normally.

The bad news is that recovery is filled with good days and bad days and often leaves me pretty tired. As such, my creative endeavors, including this book, have been affected due to just not having the energy necessary to do the work.

Every day though, that is improving.

This week, my amazingly talented editor, Paula Guran, has returned the book to me and I am in the process of starting to make the edits.

In normal circumstances, I’d probably say I need a week or two, but as these days are not exactly normal, it may be a bit longer for me to make the edits.

I am working as fast as I can though and I’m still hopeful that this project will be released this year.

Special thanks to all who have reached out and helped during this difficult time and I look forward to seeing you all soon!