The Ravens of Unresting Thought | Symbolism and Decadence
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Symbolism and Decadence

The Ravens of Unresting Thought owes its origin to my fascination with the children of Baudelaire.

Anyone unfortunate (fortunate?) enough to be nearby when I’m talking art has no doubt gotten an earful of my praising of this disparate group of poets and painters.

For the uninitiated, Symbolism was a late nineteenth-century movement that embraced the metaphorical as a means of speaking to a greater truth. As such they often turned away from realism and embraced spirituality, dreams and imagination.

By the end of the 1800’s there existed a secondary style labeled “decadence” which extended beyond symbolism to include a fascination with morbidity and hermetic styles.

The Ravens of Unresting Thought falls largely within the realm of these two movements and is my attempt to create a modern day successor to my much beloved influences.