The Ravens of Unresting Thought | Expanding the Myth
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Expanding the Myth

Traditional myths have a tendency to be very simplistic. Perhaps this is due to their being passed down orally or maybe just that they were meant to be simple explanations which did not require a lot of in-depth characterization.

As such, the principle characters are often archetypes which exhibit the characteristics of their established persona but rarely do we understand their motivations beyond the most base.

What I find to be one of the more rewarding aspects of modern retellings is the opportunity to reexamine those character templates and try to provide a more nuanced understanding of their motivations.

In The Ravens of Unresting Thought, I’ve applied this approach to the three principle characters of Raven Steals the Sun, the Moon and the Stars offering a plausible explanation of why these events may have unfolded the way we have been told.

My hope is that readers will find the new information to be a bit of a bridge allowing for a deeper connection to one of my favorite stories, providing a contemporary connection to the cultural heritage of the past.